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DYNAMITE Metered NiMH Glow Driver with USB Charger

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Key Features

  • Included 2600mAh Sub-C Ni-MH battery
  • Sure-Lock Glow Plug Attachment for hands-free charging
  • Contoured Comfort Grip Finger Clip
  • Convenient USB style charger


The Dynamite® Ni-MH metered glow driver was designed to make glow ignition easy and affordable. Includes a USB style charge for added flexibility and versatility. The unit comes anodized for durability and great looks. Includes a meter which makes it easy to see if glow plug is good or if the unit needs re-charging.

Product Specifications

Ignitor Type Metered Ignitor with Charger
Accessory Type Fuel Accessories
Field Equipment Glow Ignitors & Connectors
Battery Type NiMH (1.2V per cell)
Output DC 1.2V 260mA
Input Voltage DC 5V 500mA
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DYNAMITE Metered NiMH Glow Driver with USB Charger