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EcoPower Aluminum Clamping Servo Horn (25T)

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Servo Horn Overview:

This is an optional EcoPower Aluminum Clamping Servo Horn, intended for use with EcoPower servos along with other 25T splined servos. This extremely tough servo-horn has been machined from a solid block of aluminum for incredible precision, rigidity, and durability. The horn features a clamp type design that grips the servo’s output shaft so if the retainer screw comes loose, the horn will have a better chance of remaining in place, increasing your chances of finishing the race!

EcoPower Clamping Servo Horn ECP-3110


  • Clamping design
  • 16.5mm and 20mm hole spacing (measured from output shaft screw hole, to linkage rod holes, center to center)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 30x9x7mm
  • 3.5mm thick arm
  • 25T Spline EcoPower Output Shaft
  • Linkage holes threaded for 3mm hardware
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EcoPower Aluminum Clamping Servo Horn (25T)