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J&T Bearing Co.

J&T Bearing Co. HB D819 Pro Bearing Kit

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The J&T Bearing HB D819 Pro Bearing Kit is an individually selected kit that combines high grade "red seal" ceramic bearings and NMB Bearings. Ceramic bearings are used to help create a low resistance, free spinning drive line, while steel NMB bearings are included for the wheel bearings for durability. This kit offers a "best of both worlds" selection, that won’t break the bank.

Photo shows random "Pro" grade bearing kit and does not represent the product you will receive. See includes list below for a list of the bearings included in this kit.

  • (2) 5x10x4 NMB
  • (4) 6x10x3 "Endurance" Bearings
  • (4) 6x13x5 Ceramic
  • (6) 8x16x5 Ceramic
  • (6) 8x16x5 NMB
  • (2) 12x21x5 NMB
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J&T Bearing Co. HB D819 Pro Bearing Kit