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JConcepts RM2 Engine Tuning Screwdriver (Red)

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The JConcepts RM2 Engine Tuning Screwdriver is ideal for the precision minded racer. A machined, red anodized and silver highlighted aluminum handle adds a touch of color to your pit space. The top of the wrench is capped with an injection molded plug that features JC branding and the handle itself has a laser etched JConcepts logo.

The multi-piece spring steel flat blade screwdriver is pre-assembled and slides into a sleeve which is secured with beefy set screw located on the adapter itself. The tip is precision ground for shape, angle, and thickness to provide optimal engagement into carburetor adjustment screws.

The steel tip assembly snaps into the handle and is held in place with a magnet installed in the handle. The magnet has enough holding power hold the tip in place during use and the occasional drop and pop during normal usage. When it is time to pack-up for the day, simply pull the tip assembly out and place alongside the handle in the toolbox or bag.

  • JConcepts | RM2 design and styling
  • Tight handle design with red anodizing
  • Grippy handle sections for fine adjustments
  • Assembled tip and adaptor produced in “spring steel”
  • Magnetic assembly for quick use and storage
  • Red anodized with laser etch
  • Aesthetic jewelry
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JConcepts RM2 Engine Tuning Screwdriver (Red)