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Pimp Juice

Pimp Juice RC Drag Racing Traction Compound (4oz) (Stickier Reformulated Blend!) (Dauber Cap Top)

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This is the Pimp Juice RC Drag Racing Traction Compound. Pimp Juice Traction has long been a household name in drag racing for years with full-scale tire formulas, but with the explosion of 1/10 RC Drag racing and its need for grip, they knew exactly what they had to do! They went straight to the lab and developed a completely updated formula from the ground up that's been tested and proven to keep up with the ever changing demands. This updated blend has been reformulated to be stickier than the original 25% stickier formula and was designed to give the racer more consistent results pass after pass, allowing more time to spend on the tune-up, rather than worrying about the sauce on the tires. Cut the tree even harder with the Pimp Juice Drag Racing Traction Compound!

Don't be fooled by "rebottled snake oil". Pimp Juice is formulated from scratch, with every drop of polymer, solvent, colorant and even fragrance is measured before being blended together. Pimp Juice have been making tires sticky for over 20 years and they plan to stick around even longer!


CUSTOM RC FARMTRUCK - Traxxas C10 Drag Slash


Directions For Use:

  • Shake well
  • Apply to a clean tire
  • Allow to dry for approximately 5-10 minutes, or until tire becomes tacky and shine minimizes
  • Do a burnout to heat tires, or apply tire warmers
  • Different rubber compounds may require slightly different application techniques - experiment to find what works best with your setup!
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Pimp Juice RC Drag Racing Traction Compound (4oz) (Stickier Reformulated Blend!) (Dauber Cap Top)