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ProTek RC 1S 12-Battery Parallel Charger Board (Ultra Micro/JST-PH)

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This is the ProTek R/C 1S 12-Battery Parallel Charger Board. Do you have a lot of micro flight batteries to charge? The ProTek R/C Parallel Charge Board will charge up to twelve 1S LiPo flight batteries simultaneously. Six charge ports are compatible with MX connectors (also known as pico or ultra micro), used on the mSR and other ultra micro aircraft. Six more charge ports are included featuring 2-pin JST-PH connectors found on Blade, E-flite and ProTek R/C batteries.   

Your battery charger must be compatible for LiPo chemistry and the parallel charge process only works when charging batteries of the similar age and of similar discharge states. As long as these needs are met, plug in your 1S batteries to the Parallel Charge Board and let the juice flow.

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Important Parallel Charging Rules:  

  • Only charge LiPo chemistry batteries 
  • Only charge 1S LiPo batteries
  • Only charge batteries with similar states of discharge (within 0.2V)
  • Always program the charger to the total capacity of all attached batteries (Example: if charging five 200mAh batteries, set the charger to 1,000mAh. *It is ok to charge batteries with different mAh capacities)



  • Charge twelve batteries at once
  • Convenient XM and 2-Pin JST-PH battery connectors
  • 4mm gold bullet input connectors 

Batteries: 12x 1S 3.7V batteries
Battery Connector: 
6x Ultra Micro & 6x 2-pin JST-PH
Input Connector: 4mm Gold Bullet
Input Connector Length: 5.50in (13.9cm)
Dimensions (LxWxH*): 2.5x1.25x0.5in (6.4x3.2x1.2cm)

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ProTek RC 1S 12-Battery Parallel Charger Board (Ultra Micro/JST-PH)
ProTek RC 1S 12-Battery Parallel Charger Board (Ultra Micro/JST-PH)