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ProTek RC "SureStart" Professional 1/8 Off-Road Starter Box

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This is the ProTek R/C "SureStart" Professional 1/8 Off-Road Starter Box. Powerful. Affordable. Reliable. The ProTek R/C "SureStart" starter box was developed to provide 1/8 scale off road enthusiasts with a starter box that exceeds expectations. Breaking in a new engine? Tight engines are no match for the "SureStart". With dual 6300 RPM - 775 size motors, the "SureStart" delivers the power needed to turn over the most stubborn engines. T-Style connectors are pre-installed, providing a low resistance connection out of the box. The entire system is wired with high quality 16awg silicone shielded wire and quick change connectors that make maintenance easy.

The battery tray will fit common 7.2V NiMH or 7.4V LiPo packs, providing an easy to use setup that is compatible with batteries you probably already have on hand. With minor modification, the battery tray will easily fit a 4S starter box pack. Another unique feature is the quick access cover release tab that exposes the inside of the starter box without the need for tools. When its time to get inside the box, simply press the tab and lift the lid! Backed by the power of ProTek R/C, the "SureStart" starter box provides nitro enthusiasts with a powerful and affordable solution that wont leave you stuck in a pinch.

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  • Fits 1/8 Buggy & Truggy
  • Compact Size (12¼ long x 5¼ wide top deck, 3½" tall, 12¾ total length - 4.2lbs w/no batteries)
  • 95% Assembled - just install chassis retaining tray and adjust holding pins
  • EZ Access Cover Release - No tools needed to access batteries
  • Adjustable chassis holding pins and sliding tray for fast and easy setup
  • Twin 775 - 6300 RPM Motors
  • Factory installed T-Style connectors
  • Wiring and battery tray compatible with two 7.2V NiMH stick packs, or two 2S LiPo packs in series (batteries not included)
  • Handle can hold a glow ignitor, tuning driver, glow plug wrench and spare glow plugs
  • High quality 16awg Silicone wiring and quick change connectors allow fast repairs with no soldering necessary
  • Fits batteries 150x46x25.2mm

Motor: 750 - 6300 RPM Motors x2
Deck Dimensions: 12¼" long, 5¼" wide
Overall Length: 13¾"
Overall Height: 3½"
Weight: 4.2lbs w/no batteries
Battery Holder Dimensions (LxWxH): 150x46x25.2mm (Length Adjustable)
Battery Connectors: T-Style 

Suggested Batteries:

  • (2) ECP-5011: EcoPower 6-Cell NiMH 2/3A Stick Battery w/T-Style (1600mAh)
  • (2) ECP-5110: EcoPower 2S 45C LiPo Battery w/T-Style (5000mAh)
  • *(1) ECP-4000: EcoPower 4S 20C LiPo Battery w/T-Style (2000mAh)
  • *(1) PTK-5101-22: ProTek R/C 4S 130C LiPo w/T-Style (4300mAh)

*Battery Note: The SureStart comes equipped with a Y-Harness power lead to accommodate either two 2S LiPo or two 6-Cell NiMH batteries. You can however use a single 4S LiPo battery to power the SureStart, BUT some modification is required - you will need to remove the Y-Harness power lead and re-solder a single T-Style connector to the power leads. 

Starter Wheel Note: From the factory, the rubber starter wheel may be slightly too low to effectively contact the flywheel; but there is an easy fix! Simply install washers under the motor/belt bulkhead and the starter wheel lifts up for a longer reach.

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ProTek RC "SureStart" Professional 1/8 Off-Road Starter Box