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Team Associated

Team Associated 12mm Hex 2.2 4WD Front +1.5mm Buggy Wheels (2) (B74) (Yellow)

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This is a set of optional 12mm Hex 2.2 4WD Front +1.5mm Buggy Wheels. These wheels offer an additional 1.5mm of track width, ideal for carpet racing applications where the low-profile tires allow for added track width. Additionally these can be preferred in certain dirt track applications as well. 

  • +1.5mm wider offset per side (3.0mm total) for maximum track width and stability
  • +1.5 logo marked inside the wheel
  • Air vent holes molded into the wheel
  • Available in white and fluorescent yellow colors
  • Fits B74.2, B74.2D, all B74.1, all B74
  • (2) 12mm Hex 2.2 4WD Front +1.5mm Buggy Wheels
  • Hurry, only 2 items left in stock!
yellow wheels