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UDI RC Hatchback Rally Pro 1/16 4WD RTR Brushless On Road RC Car w/Drift Tires

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UDI RC 1/16 Hatchback - Excellent First On-Road Rally Car!

The UDI Hatchback Rally Pro Brushless 1/16 4WD Ready to Run On-Road RC Car is an excellent option for individuals seeking to immerse themselves in the world of RC. Engineered to provide an authentic and exhilarating driving experience, this car boasts exceptional user-friendliness and high-performance capabilities. Its full-time 4WD chassis, equipped with metal CVD driveshafts and independent front and rear suspension, ensures effortless control and stability, even for those new to RC car driving.

About the UDI Hatchback Rally:

Hatchback Rally Pro Chassis Photo

Stability Control & Runtime

With the adjustable gyro and racing-inspired wheels and tires, maintaining control on various terrains becomes effortless, empowering newcomers to take on thrilling adventures with confidence. The potent brushless motor elevates this already successful platform into a tire-shredding powerhouse! Furthermore, the included 2S Li-Ion battery offers up to 15 minutes of uninterrupted action, granting beginners ample time for practice and extended play.

Hatchback Rally Pro Tire Photo

Tires & LEDs

To cater to diverse preferences, the UDI R/C Hatchback Rally Pro includes two sets of tires - High-Speed and Drift - allowing beginners to choose the ideal setup for their driving style and the surface they intend to explore. The pre-installed LED headlights, featuring multiple modes, enhance the excitement, making the joy of driving this RC car equally thrilling day or night.

Hatchback Rally Pro Maintenance Photo

Parts & Maintenance

While exploring the full potential of any RC car may lead to occasional part wear or damage during exciting adventures, rest assured, the UDI Hatchback Rally Pro is engineered with durability in mind. In the unlikely event of any part wear or damage, a comprehensive range of readily available replacement parts ensures seamless maintenance. With the included tools, both maintenance and part replacement are made convenient, enabling you to continue your exhilarating RC escapades without interruption.


  • Full-Time 4WD chassis
  • Perfect for ages 5 to 105
  • Up to 15min of run time
  • Waterproof and dustproof ESC with integrated gyro
  • Equipped with a high-performance brushed motor
  • Full ball bearing chassis
  • Metal CVD driveshafts
  • Independent front/rear suspension
  • Oil-filled front differential
  • Includes USB charger
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UDI RC Hatchback Rally Pro 1/16 4WD RTR Brushless On Road RC Car w/Drift Tires
UDI RC Hatchback Rally Pro 1/16 4WD RTR Brushless On Road RC Car w/Drift Tires